In this episode, I talk to Lily.

She started with us in September 2022. Wanting to make a change. Not really knowing how to make the progress that she deserves.

When we started working together, she began her journey by coming along to one of our social’s that was a 10 event workout. Given that this was her first intro I was super impressed with how well she approached it, not doing too much. Having fun, and this told me then I knew she was going to smash it.

Lily is an excellent of a great client to work with. Studious. Hard working. Responsible. She took on board what she had to do, and just executed it.

I see this is a lot of the time that too often excuses are made and we don’t make the progress we want to, because we believe that somehow factors outside of our control are the reason we’re not succeeding. That is simply not the case. For Lily, who has a busy work schedule, to have still made the progress she’s made is outstanding and something we should all aspire to.

In all my clients who really succeed. Ownership is 100% the key to making success of it this, and reaching your goals. Lily has that in spades. I am so proud of her, and so proud of what she’s achieved. Fantastic work Lily, and am really looking forwards to seeing her achieve her next goals!

I’m not going to lie, this was emotional. I was in two minds about whether to publish this, but I feel that these two people’s story needs to be told.

They are refugees, from Iran, and have an amazing story to tell. We didn’t get into too many details because I felt actually some of their experiences are probably too raw to talk about.

Long story short, they escaped Iran because of the activism that they were doing. What I find astounding as that they are two educated people. Who were successful in their own right having to leave a country they were both contributing to.

Needless to say it was a fascinating conversation, one which I have more questions and hopefully will get a chance to speak with them again.

This is a short update episode on how we in December 2023 are changing the programming, talking about hyrox events, and how to prevent injuries within the gym.

Today’s episode includes myself, Lydia and coach Derren who completed Hyrox as a team.

Let us know if you’re interested in doing Hyrox or joining one of our classes.


This started out as a question between Lydia and myself and if she’d be willing to talk about our experiences over the last 10 years of running a gym.

We thought this conversation would only be 10 minutes, but it actually turned our we had a lot to talk about it.

Let us know what you think.


Welcome to the very first podcast. I’ve wanted to cover a lesson that I’ve learnt along the way of running CrossFit Chichester, and how it’s helped me get through tough times.

I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for a while and this is where it all started!

Thanks for listening,



Sara’s journey with us has been nothing short of incredible. From the moment she walked in, determined to make a change, we knew something special was happening. Back then, she was stressed, unhappy, and craving a shift towards better self-care. It was evident she needed to prioritise her well-being amidst the responsibilities of caring for her special-needs child.

Seeing her transformation unfold has been truly remarkable. She started at 97 kg, and today, she’s shed 18 kg and three dress sizes. What’s even more impressive is how she navigated a busy work life, stress, and the challenges of daily life to achieve these incredible results. Sara taught us a valuable lesson: there’s never a perfect time to start – the right time is now.

Her approach was simple but consistent: exercising three times a week and sticking to a nutrition plan without fussing over perfection. Her dedication is something to admire; she never complained but simply put in the work day after day. Now, she only needs monthly check-ins because she’s mastered the skills needed for her journey.

Sara’s resilience and commitment inspire us daily. Her attitude – just doing what’s necessary to achieve her goals – is admirable. Sara, you’re not just a client, you’re a motivation for all of us. Keep pushing forward, and we’ll be here, cheering you on every step of the way.






Jack embarked on his transformative journey with us in May 2023. From the very moment he set foot in our program, he was resolute about bringing a positive change to his life.

Jack dove headfirst into the process, leaving no room for hesitation. In his first week, he diligently purged his kitchen of unhealthy choices, meticulously prepared his meals, and unwaveringly adhered to our guidance.

He committed to a rigorous training regimen, dedicating three sessions each week to ensure he not only exercised effectively but also moved with precision. We thoughtfully tailored his workouts to match his fitness level, and he persisted with unwavering determination.

Gradually, Jack’s fitness level improved, and the pounds started melting away. He rekindled his passion for running, witnessed his clothes grow increasingly loose, and found himself adjusting his belt buckle to a smaller size.

During this time, Jack managed to balance his newfound commitment with two overseas holidays, where he consistently sent us proof of his dedication to working out. Additionally, he celebrated a momentous occasion by getting engaged to his girlfriend, highlighting remarkable physical and mental enhancements since he adopted a routine of nutritious eating and thrice-weekly training.

Central to Jack’s journey has been the invaluable support and accountability provided by our community and his dedicated coach, guiding him steadfastly toward his aspirations.

Jack’s transformation didn’t go unnoticed by those around him. Friends and family alike observed the remarkable changes he underwent in just six months, marking a profound and comprehensive metamorphosis.



Before delving into Julia’s experience of learning how to be coach, it needs to be said that Julia is one of the kindest, most earnest individuals I’ve ever met. She’s extremely hard working. Totally sincere, and overall and wonderful human being. As a result, I think she makes an excellent coach. Given the ongoing success of her ‘Easy Monday’s’ Class which allows our lovely lady’s to train together, both old and young, she’s proving to be leader, and well worth the title ‘Coach at CrossFit Chichester’. 

Without further ado, over to Julia. – Archie Cunningham 

Hi guys, just a quick update on what I’ve been doing along side Archie and Lydia the past few months, and what I’ll be doing in the gym in 2020!

I completed my CrossFit kids trainer course, back in October, which was a brilliant learning experience and has inspired me further to getting more kids into the classes we currently run.

We are hoping to be able to offer an after school session every weekday, as the benefits of exercise for children’s learning are huge.

[Julia has also come along to one of our Corporate workshops we run as part of wellness coaching to improve companies cultures, and make them more health conscious and improve staff team work]. You can see a video of her coaching here.

CrossFit is a workout format that incorporates children’s natural playfulness and energy. It lends itself to quick workouts that are full of variety that keeps kids intrigued and moving. No, I’m not suggesting loading your child up with a kettlebell for 30 reps of deadlifts. But what’s wrong with some crab walks followed by skipping or jumping ?
As mums and dad we constantly think about how I can keep our children healthy and happy.
We want them to have access to any and every program that will foster the value of exercise throughout the rest of their lives.
In this day and age, kids don’t have to be limited to the basic after school activities of past generations: basketball, football, track. Your kids can go to skateboard clinics, yoga seminars? The sky is truly the limit!

CrossFit can have the same benefits for children as it does for adults. It makes you stronger and improves your cardiovascular health, will improve performance in sports. Classes are also a great way to make new friends with a common interest.

Most importantly, CrossFit for kids encourages a lifetime of exercise, and a disciplined attitude towards health. In a world filled with video games and iPads, I’d say this is huge.

We’re really excited to see how Julia’s career as a coach progresses with us, and as a regular slot, if you’d like to experience her coaching come to our Tuesday at 6.45pm class, or book an initial assessment here (for new members) and request Julia!