How To Lose 5 inches Off Your Waist and over 10% of your body weight in 11 weeks – Lily’s Transformation

In this episode, I talk to Lily.

She started with us in September 2022. Wanting to make a change. Not really knowing how to make the progress that she deserves.

When we started working together, she began her journey by coming along to one of our social’s that was a 10 event workout. Given that this was her first intro I was super impressed with how well she approached it, not doing too much. Having fun, and this told me then I knew she was going to smash it.

Lily is an excellent of a great client to work with. Studious. Hard working. Responsible. She took on board what she had to do, and just executed it.

I see this is a lot of the time that too often excuses are made and we don’t make the progress we want to, because we believe that somehow factors outside of our control are the reason we’re not succeeding. That is simply not the case. For Lily, who has a busy work schedule, to have still made the progress she’s made is outstanding and something we should all aspire to.

In all my clients who really succeed. Ownership is 100% the key to making success of it this, and reaching your goals. Lily has that in spades. I am so proud of her, and so proud of what she’s achieved. Fantastic work Lily, and am really looking forwards to seeing her achieve her next goals!