Archie Cunningham – CrossFit Level 3 Coach

Archie is on a quest to help people with their health and fitness. He wants to change schools and help kids and teens nurture active lifestyles.

With over 7 years and over a 1000 clients coaching, Archie has a remarkable breadth of experience.

If you need a lifestyle transformation or advanced athlete training, look no further.

Archie is married to co-owner Lydia and they have 3 kids under 7- he is empathetic to time restraints, child care restraints, weight gain, pregnancy, and all the issues surrounding having a family whilst trying to prioritise your health and fitness.

As an outdoor guy – whether its travel, skiing, windsurfing, rugby, SUP boarding, mountain biking or sailing- he’s always looking for ways to bring fitness to all and integrate active and healthy lifestyle habits into peoples routine.

Archie brings his coaching to business environments- holding 1 or 2 day ‘performance coaching’ events to companies that want to boost workforce health, lifestyle and productivity. Its a great way of giving back to your staff too. Find out more on by selecting ‘Performance Coaching’.

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