Sara’s journey with us has been nothing short of incredible. From the moment she walked in, determined to make a change, we knew something special was happening. Back then, she was stressed, unhappy, and craving a shift towards better self-care. It was evident she needed to prioritise her well-being amidst the responsibilities of caring for her special-needs child.

Seeing her transformation unfold has been truly remarkable. She started at 97 kg, and today, she’s shed 18 kg and three dress sizes. What’s even more impressive is how she navigated a busy work life, stress, and the challenges of daily life to achieve these incredible results. Sara taught us a valuable lesson: there’s never a perfect time to start – the right time is now.

Her approach was simple but consistent: exercising three times a week and sticking to a nutrition plan without fussing over perfection. Her dedication is something to admire; she never complained but simply put in the work day after day. Now, she only needs monthly check-ins because she’s mastered the skills needed for her journey.

Sara’s resilience and commitment inspire us daily. Her attitude – just doing what’s necessary to achieve her goals – is admirable. Sara, you’re not just a client, you’re a motivation for all of us. Keep pushing forward, and we’ll be here, cheering you on every step of the way.






Discover the incredible journey of Jack’s transformative weight loss and learn how he achieved such remarkable results. We didn’t just stumble upon success; we strategically focused on three essential pillars that paved the way for his triumph:

1. **Fitness:** Jack’s demanding schedule, which included a full-time job, holidays, and even overcoming an ankle injury, didn’t deter him. He committed to just three workouts a week, showcasing that consistency and dedication are key to achieving fitness goals.

2. **Nutrition:** We tailored Jack’s nutrition plan to maximize effectiveness. By ensuring he consumed adequate protein, limiting fat intake, and strategically incorporating carbs during the day, we optimized his energy levels. Vegetables became a staple in every meal, and we even redefined his snacks to include half a portion of protein, making every bite count towards his success.

3. **Accountability:** Staying on track was a collaborative effort. Jack sent me daily meal updates, and we conducted weekly weigh-ins to closely monitor his progress and make necessary adjustments. This level of accountability played a crucial role in his consistent and successful weight loss journey.

Six months later, Jack has shed an impressive 20kg, and his momentum shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re ready to embark on your own transformation, you can access Jack’s exclusive meal plan along with exciting bonuses, including customized workout plans, insider transformation secrets, and six weeks of our cutting-edge gym programming. Are you ready to unlock your potential and achieve lasting results?

Join us on the path to success!

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Jack embarked on his transformative journey with us in May 2023. From the very moment he set foot in our program, he was resolute about bringing a positive change to his life.

Jack dove headfirst into the process, leaving no room for hesitation. In his first week, he diligently purged his kitchen of unhealthy choices, meticulously prepared his meals, and unwaveringly adhered to our guidance.

He committed to a rigorous training regimen, dedicating three sessions each week to ensure he not only exercised effectively but also moved with precision. We thoughtfully tailored his workouts to match his fitness level, and he persisted with unwavering determination.

Gradually, Jack’s fitness level improved, and the pounds started melting away. He rekindled his passion for running, witnessed his clothes grow increasingly loose, and found himself adjusting his belt buckle to a smaller size.

During this time, Jack managed to balance his newfound commitment with two overseas holidays, where he consistently sent us proof of his dedication to working out. Additionally, he celebrated a momentous occasion by getting engaged to his girlfriend, highlighting remarkable physical and mental enhancements since he adopted a routine of nutritious eating and thrice-weekly training.

Central to Jack’s journey has been the invaluable support and accountability provided by our community and his dedicated coach, guiding him steadfastly toward his aspirations.

Jack’s transformation didn’t go unnoticed by those around him. Friends and family alike observed the remarkable changes he underwent in just six months, marking a profound and comprehensive metamorphosis.



When I first started my journey towards achieving a muscle-up, it felt like an elusive goal, something we considered the pinnacle of difficulty, especially to my brother and me. It took us a dedicated six-month effort, with my brother achieving it before me.

Here’s the step-by-step process we followed:

1. Building foundational strength was crucial. I made sure I could perform 10 strict pull-ups and 10 strict dips before attempting a muscle-up.

2. To start, I employed the “false grip” technique, which shortens the pulling distance and reduces the overall load. This was my initial approach until I built enough strength to switch to a “neutral grip,” where I held the rings in the palm of my hand.

3. Next, I progressed to seated transitions using either a band for assistance or by keeping my feet on the ground to make it more manageable.

4. Over time, I gradually advanced to elevated transitions, preparing myself for the eventual transition from a dead hang.

5. Once I had mastered the basic movement, the focus shifted towards linking multiple repetitions together. My personal record was achieving 9 consecutive muscle-ups.


By following these steps and gradually progressing, I was able to conquer the muscle-up.