Why personal training?

With 1 to 1 coaching you progress more quickly and safely : you build a solid foundation to work off : you learn about yourself : your movement patterns : your capacity : what you really want to achieve.

Why us?

We’re very experienced : we’ve got a proven track record : we champion excellence in our standards : we work hard so you progress : we’ve worked with many levels of fitness and return from injury : we keep you safe : we teach you about health and nutrition as well as fitness : we’re able to cater for any schedule : we encourage kids and animals into the gym to make it easier to come in regularly.

We offer everyone who joins a free PT consultation. We test your functional movements and give you a score, so you have an idea where you are and what we suggest you do in class and also if you need one to one training to get your movements to a safe standard.

We are lucky to have a Level 3 Crossfit Coach- it’s a very high standard of CrossFit certification and there are only 50 in the whole of the UK. Head coach Archie, has very high standards for his coaching team and apprentices them all to these standards.