Coach Macca…

Macca is the name, CrossFit is my game.

I’m 24 and I’ve been coaching CrossFit for nearly 3 years. I fell in love with the sport back in February 2018 and by November 2018 I passed my CrossFit level 1 and already had 3 months of shadowing head coach Archie under my belt.

Why do I love CrossFit? At the age of 19/20, being just under 21 stone and pretty unfit, I didn’t fit in or do many sports. So I started running…I hated running but I knew that as a beginner in fitness, I had to lose weight. After a few months I got bored of running, so I turned to Archie and CrossFit Chichester for help and from that point on I knew Crossfit was my sport.

Coaching Clients has been a passion of mine since starting my own fitness journey, which I’m still on now. Watching clients change the way they think about nutrition and training, and how both go hand in hand with each other is fantastic. It makes me proud to see my clients reach their goals and set new ones.

Weightlifting is my thing. I love doing it and coaching it – it’s got some real technical elements, it’s fun and it makes the body feel strong and capable of so much more than we realise!

As a coach and athlete I’m always looking to improve my knowledge, my skills and my ability to perform well so I can reach my ultimate goal of being the best coach and also of reaching the highs of the CrossFit games.

Favourite workout?

My favourite workout would be DT or something with burpees and/ or calories on an air bike.

Favourite movement?

My favourite movements would have to be snatches and burpees over a box.

Last thing that I ate?

Haha – 2 Roasted vegetables sausage rolls from M&S and some chicken breasts.

So whether you’re looking to shake off lockdowns, bad habits or you’re looking to up your game and want to feel and perform better, I can guide you to that with tailored nutrition plans, personal training and results!

Get in touch today to start your journey with Macca or any of our coaches.