Crossfit Classes:

What are they?

A 1 hour class consists of a warm-up, a skills workout in gymnastics or weightlifting, a WOD (workout of the day) which is normally a metabolic workout up to 30minutes. We then stretch and have a cool-down. We use a rig, free weights, rowers, bikes and running as well as other specialised strength and conditioning equipment.

Who are they for?

Everyone and anyone. We progress people up and down to suit their capacity and movement patterns. Any fitness level, size or age. We start at age 5, we have members who are 70+.

Why is CrossFit so effective?

It engages the largest muscle groups of the body using compound movements. It encourages you to push yourself so you get fitter and stronger. It’s exciting and engaging– no day being the same so you are more likely to keep training. You use your body in a functional way, improving your joints and muscular pain. You make friends and celebrate each others victories. You learn and become more aware of how your body works every time you come in.

How do I get started?

Put your details in here. We will call you back and book you into a free PT at a time that suits you with a coach that can work with your schedule. We give you a movement assessment and a short workout and talk about you and what’s next. Once your coach has done this you can start PT’s or join classes.

Do I need personal training before I join?

We want everyone to be safe – Crossfit classes have up to 12 people in, and the movements can be technical.  You may also have some limitations with your range of movement, that can lead to bad movement patterns and problems. We help you with all of these aspects and our coaches are apprenticed to a very high standard.

How much will it cost?

Click on our prices page here. Investing with us means you are making a commitment to your health as well as your fitness. You are joining a truly supportive and caring community who want to see you succeed.