Coach Woody

Hi! I’m Lydia

I’m a Level 4 Personal Trainer and passionate fitness professional- an advocate for good movement and helping people live an active, enriched, pain-free lifestyle.

I  keep myself strong with Crossfit- athletic and capable using kettlebells, barbells, calisthenics, mountain biking and trail running. 


-National level Power lifter

-Served in the British Army

-Instruct mountain biking

-Competitive Boxing

-Nordic Skiing



-Roller Derby

-I’m studying a BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy. 

A serious knee injury in 2009 elucidated how much I value the ability to move. Outside of training you can normally find me with a good book, eating eggs or getting my feet dirty outdoors,- whilst raising my very own little dude, Max (4). 


Body weight only high intensity interval training. Perfect for a short sharp injection of intense high impact exercise using functional movement.

45 minute class.

Mumma Strong

Mumma Strong- a brand new training class tailored for pre and post natal strong mummas. Adapted strength training: maintain your strength, core, rebuild yourself after birth.

Don’t lose your strength during pregnancy!

A lot of us mumma’s want to maintain our strength gains and hard earned physiques –  to carry on enjoying the benefits of being strong without being pressured into low or no strength training.

Research shows keeping a good body composition, muscle ratio and strength training has massive benefits to mum and baby. Labour is called labour for a reason. Build stamina for labour. Strengthen to eradicate lower back pain…

‘Well trained women can benefit substantially  at high volumes during an uncomplicated pregnancy.’ – Scandinavian Journal of medicine and science.

1 hour long.

Kettlebell Club

Learn and refine the art of hardstyle kettlebells. Forge a tight and powerful body using the ancient tool of the kettlebell. Fantastic for fat-loss, power production and buns of steel.

1 hour.

8amMumma Strong
8.30amMetaFit With WoodyKettlebell ClubMetaFit With WoodyKettlebell Club
1pmMetaFit With Woody
1.30pmMumma StrongMumma Strong