What our members say about us

Jess Youngs

Jess YoungsArchies Gymnasium is brilliant! I have been having PT sessions and attending classes for about 6 months and it’s made a huge difference to loads of aspects of my life – general health, weight, energy, mood and overall wellbeing. I started with a pretty low level of fitness, but they help people start from wherever you are. The team are experienced, fun and challenge you to be your best self. I can’t recommend it enough!

Julia Maciel

Julia MacielI started doing PT sessions with Archie in June 2016.

It all felt pretty daunting but it wasn’t! After a few sessions I graduated to classes, and I was happy with my score at the graduation workout, not to mention, surprised I’d even managed.

I love the lessons and I am still amazed that I can do anything like the exercise I’m doing now. I would never think that I would be able to do it before training with Archie. Somehow every session is fun. Before you know it, you’ve had a hard work out and it’s over, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

The people are very friendly and welcoming and make it something to look forward to. It’s been 9 months of training at Crossfit Chichester and I can feel that I am progressing in every class / PT session that I do.

It’s an awesome place to train. I highly recommend Chichester Crossfit and cannot thank Archie enough for all his help and support.

Beky Mepham

Beky MephamThis is a fantastic place!. I started training at Crossfit Chichester around November 2016, 9 months after having a baby – so I was starting something new and getting back into being active which felt a little daunting. My coach (Peter) is awesome – and I have got so much out of learning and training with him. The whole team here are hugely knowledgeable, supportive and challenging too. Don’t be put off by the hardcore view of needing to be able to do pull up’s, handstand walks or lift massive weights etc – you start at your level, whatever that is and you will feel a part of the team very quickly. From novice to hardened gym bunny and everywhere in between – there are levels for everyone. A great environment, a brilliant bunch of people to train with and top class coaches to learn from.

Kate Ross (Kitesurf Instructor)

kate ross testimonialI’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and do a lot of high-impact extreme sports. It’s really important for me to stay fit and in shape to avoid injuries. However, I’ve always found going to the gym boring and struggled to keep up the motivation to stick with it. Conventional gyms just aren’t engaging and can be a pretty intimidating environment particularly when you don’t have a clue what you are doing!
Doing the personal training sessions with Claude helped build my confidence and got me motivated to stick at it and keep coming back! I’d previously always come up with excuses to myself as to why I shouldn’t go to the gym that day such as being too tired or feeling a bit sick or having to get up early the next day. The great thing about CrossFit is that you do as much as you can. It is a personal thing. If I was tired, maybe I wouldn’t do as well as the last session but just by consistently attending the sessions I was improving. Keeping track of my progress really helped me to see how far I’d come even when sometimes it felt like I was going backwards! Claude never pushed me further than I could cope with but helped me to do my best each session.

By the time I started the classes I felt confident in doing all the movements and ready to join in with everyone else. I had finally reached a point where I enjoyed working out! The classes are a really friendly
environment, both competitive and supportive, which really helps me to push myself.

Since starting I have seen a massive improvement in my kitesurfing and can do so many more tricks that I wasn’t strong or fit enough to do before. I look forward to progressing in both my kitesurfing and CrossFit with the wonderful help of Claude and Archie.

Sue Saunders (Photographer)

Sue Saunders testimonialsI’ve been in and out of gyms for 20 years. I think I must have tried them all! You sign up, are given a 10-minute tour and then left to your own devices. The problem with this formula is that most of us don’t really know what we are doing when it comes to all those machines – we just keep hammering away with very little understanding of what we are doing right or wrong. If you type Crossfit into Google you get bombarded with images of ridiculously fit-looking people throwing weighted balls at a wall, Olympic weight-lifting (yes, the girls, too) and swinging kettlebells bigger than my head. It looks pretty intimidating, so as a forty-something mother of two, I was mildly terrified walking through the doors of Crossfit Chichester for the first time! But all my worries disappeared when I met Archie & Claude. They’re such relaxed, friendly guys, you immediately feel at ease and once they talked me through the CrossFit philosophy, I knew I’d come to the right place. My biggest problem has always been my flexibility and after having kids, pelvis and hip pain added to the mix until I was at a point where I couldn’t bend down to pick up their toys off the floor. These problems had never been addressed at other gyms, but Claude tailored my warm-ups and workouts to place emphasis on my problem areas and taught me movements and stretches that I could do easily at home to increase my flexibility. “Aside from gaining strength and stamina and increasing my mobility, my training at CrossFit has given me confidence back in my own body and its ability. I can do things now that I never thought I’d be able to do again (like touch my toes!) and with Claude and Archie’s careful guidance I know I can continue to progress and be fitter, faster, stronger than ever before. My only regret is that I didn’t find CrossFit 20 years ago!

Jo Walsh (Physiotherapist)

Jo Walsh testimonialAs a physiotherapist, I’m aware of the importance of exercise but have struggled in the past to put this in practice! From the offset Claude and Archie were friendly and encouraging and I felt welcome in the gym. They took the time to work out my strengths and weaknesses (definitely more of one than the other!) and to teach me correct and safe technique, which is so important for preventing injury. I was so unfit before I started that I was beginning to feel breathless after the two flights of stairs at work – and although I still have a way to go, my flexibility, strength and endurance have improved massively! It makes a big difference working with trainers that take a real interest in your life and goals, and with these guys you know they are genuinely excited to help you increase your fitness (I get a high five at the end of my workouts!) I would definitely recommend CrossFit Chichester to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and fitness. With the help of Claude and Archie, I’m looking forward to improving further and achieving my goal of a full unassisted pull up by my 30th birthday!

Kathy Green (Lawyer)

Kathy Green TestimonialI started with Claude and Archie just after they opened and am so pleased with my progress. The workouts are varied and fun?!? I haven’t been truly fit for years and they are very good at easing you back into it. Thanks guys.

Charlie Saunders (Marketing)

Charlie Saunders TestimonialsSuch an awesome set up! Brilliant facility and great coaches. Claude and Archie have done a great job creating such a welcome environment while educating and challenging you at the same time. I’ve learnt so much, feel fitter than ever and having a great time doing it! I would recommend that everyone check this place out.

Rich Evans (Personal Trainer)

I work in the fitness industry and have seen both sides (as a trainer & client) of a lot of gyms and other fitness locations over the years. It is rare to find one where the owners are so hands-on and care about the clients long term fitness and health as Claude and Archie do.

Their aim is to help you long-term and avoid injuries – so, yes, you need to do the 1:1 sessions, but it is well worth it as you’ll learn loads and they can work with you to address any areas of concern and pre-existing injuries (yep, I’m looking at you left knee!) and help improve other areas. They are happy to work around your restrictions and come up with alternatives.

Unlike a lot of gyms, it is not a testosterone-fuelled intimidating area atall! It’s welcoming and friendly and one of the best things about it is the guys’ knowledge of mobility and desire to share their knowledge of this with you!

I’d definitely recommend CrossFit Chichester!”

Grace Irvine (Military Police)

I’ve always been an active person but always struggled with the motivation to do any sort of weight training or body resistance training. However, I feel the most fulfilled when I overcome challenges on the edge of my comfort zone. Training at CrossFit Chichester has given me skills, discipline and confidence to consciously make that daily journey in all aspects of my life. CrossFit Chichester is a great place to get fit. The staff are very knowledgeable and the setting is extremely fun and motivating. The atmosphere is one of belonging and encouragement. I’ve tried a countless number of commercial gyms and nothing compares to CrossFit Chichester. I have never seen such improvement or been so excited to workout until I came to CrossFit Chichester. Not only have I gained muscles, increased my flexibility and co-ordination (thanks Archie), but I’ve also gained a community to which I now belong. I would highly recommend CrossFit Chichester to anyone!

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