Precision Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition Coaching

At CrossFit Chichester we offer personalised nutritional coaching which is carried out by Archie, who is a qualified Precision Nutrition coach which is, the most rigorous online nutritional coaching program available. As well as having a wealth of experience through coaching clients, this is designed for anyone to get the very most out of their training. The basis of our coaching is ‘client lead’ so you dictate the pace of the changes, we help guide you through them, providing you with what is useful information at the time. To book your first session call Archie on 07721690150.

We see a major down fall of a lot of our client’s training is that it doesn’t include a clearly defined nutrition plan. Too often we see people trying diets from books for a short period of time, and getting some results, but not truly achieving their goals and then ‘falling off the wagon’ only to get back on again, when they’re back to square one. This program is designed to take you from where you are, and get you where you want to go.


Lifestyle Matters

Getting the body you want, isn’t just about eating well (although that does help), its about looking at your lifestyle. What you do day in day out – will either dictate whether you’re moving in the direction of wellness or sickness.

Good nutrition doesn’t just mean having a lean physique, or a high level of performance, or even just being healthy. It’s about achieving balance.

Most of us only partially achieve this point where our health is excellent, our body composition is where we’d like it, and our performance is on point. This is likely due to the influences in our life that are not always positive. By having an objective look at what’s going on, we can systematically make small changes that are manageable and will begin to improve all three factors (health, performance and body composition) pretty much immediately.

To book your first session call Archie on 07721690150.


Why Do You Need A Coach?

When we ‘fall off the wagon’, it helps to have a coach. They’ll be there to keep you on track and remind you of what’s important. They’re your collaborator in your pursuit of wellness.

Each course runs over a 16 week period. The first session is one hour, and then the subsequent ones are 30 minutes every two weeks.

The objective of the first session is to establish a baseline. Where are you and where you want to go. To measure progress we can use a variety of metrics; from body fat testing, physical measurements, activity levels, looking at your social support network, assessing your kitchen, your current diet, taking before and after photos, and measuring athletic performance. Your plan will be individualised so that you’ll be able to make the changes at a rate which you’re ready for.

The subsequent sessions will be focused on progress tracking, troubleshooting and helping you come up with a plan for the next two weeks.

If you slip up, its no big deal. Every diet/lifestyle plan fails at some point, the question is how soon will you restart it?

Your health is a lifelong pursuit. Developing it takes time and consistent effort. Having a coach can mean the difference between success and failure.

To book your first session call Archie on 07721690150.