What is CrossFit:

CrossFit is a program that involves combining both gymnastics (bodyweight) and weightlifting movements into the same sessions.

It is the most effective system for training fitness for sport.

The beauty of it, is that it is highly varied, which keeps it constantly interesting where you’ll be making progress consistently in lots of different skills. There is a lot to learn with gymnastics and weightlifting, so we spend a great deal of time practicing the techniques properly before introducing them into a workout setting.

Typically our classes spend 15 minutes warming up, 30 minutes practicing a skill or working on a strength element (either bodyweight or weights) and then 10 minutes of a ‘workout’ and then 5 minutes to pack up and cool down.

The variety of our program gives you a very broad fitness, where you’ll feel confident in being able to take on any physical challenge outside of the gym. This is the kind of same fitness that would prepare either first responders or military personnel, however if you’re a parent, you’ll notice picking up your kids being easier, climbing stairs feeling less breathless, or as someone above the age of 60, being confident to go about your daily activities without any help.

Please bring along:

An open mind, and a humble attitude. This will challenge you, so don’t get too worried if there are movements you cannot currently do. We have a progression for everything so that you can keep progressing regardless of your fitness level.

Clean gym shoes (outdoor running trainers are not appropriate). Comfortable but not too baggy workout clothes. A lot of members have 2 pair of shoes, one set that is for running and more conditioning elements. Water, fruit and a protein shake.