All our members follow the same process for joining our gym.

  1. Put your details into our website. We’ll now be able to contact your for your assessment.
  2. Meet your coach by booking your initial one to one assessment. We need to see how you move, what your fitness level is, and work out your exact needs.
  3. Complete your fundamentals PTs. For existing olympic weightlifters or gymnasts, or experienced CrossFitters this might not be more than 1-3 extra one to one PTs. For beginners, or if you’ve never done any of those, then you’re most likely going to need a minimum of 10 to 15 sessions before coming into classes.
  4. Graduate from fundamentals by showing competency or progressions in all our movement benchmarks. This is very much whether you and your coach are happy with your understanding of how to train safely and develop a consistent training routine.
  5. Join our classes and sign up to a class pt hybrid membership. These will give you access to our classes, and meet your coach on a regular basis to keep you focused and improving in classes. Usually even experienced athletes lose focus a little every three months or so, so that’s the minimum you’ll be seeing your coach. However, our most popular membership is to meet every 6 weeks, but you can meet every week, every month, or every two weeks. It’s up to you and your coach and what works for you.
  6. Succeed with our world class training program and gain the health you deserve.