Archie Keep
Pro Coach

Archie Keep photo

Gym Life:

  • Archie first started at Crossfit Chichester in a November 2015 as a client. He graduated to classes on December 2015.
  • He fell in love with Crossfit, the simplicity of it, the community and what it represented.
  • About a year after he first join the gym he took his Crossfit Level 1 course in November 2016 and after passing first time he has taken up the role of apprentice coach.

Other Life:

  • He is a student at the University of Chichester studying Adventure Education which involves a large amount of coaching and teaching. His coaching experience ranges from working with children with disabilities all the way mountain leader training.
  • Archie comes from a rugby background. He is extremely competitive and loves to drive and encourage people in the gym to do the best they can do no matter their ability or what level they’re at.

What Archie Says:

“After my level 1 course I’ve realised how much Crossfit and training can better someone’s life style as it completely changed mine for the better.”

What we say:

“We like them home grown and there hasn’t been anyone with more commitment to the process than Lil’ Archie. He is a Crossfitter through and through. If you want to learn virtuoisty in any of the Crossfit disciplines he is your man.”