Archie Cunningham
Head Coach and Owner

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Gym Life:

  • Crossfit level 1 certified 2012
  • Attitude Nation Level 1 Olympic lifting trainer, Reading, UK, December 2013
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1, March 2016
  • Archie used to play rugby and row for uni and coached along the way.
  • Archie’s priority is mechanics and consistency, proper form or you WILL get no repped.
  • Archie had also competed internationally at theTang Soo Do championships.

Other Life:

  • Archie natural enthusiasm spills into all aspects of his life, and when he’s not coaching or training himself, he’s normally found taking his 2 young sons on questionably safe mountain bike rides across the downs.
  • He will be found wake boarding, golfing, surfing or windsurfing when he gets passes from the wife – or following her down a mountain trying to keep up with her on skis.

What Archie Says:

“Teaching has always been my vocation, helping people find their athletic selves my passion.”

What we say:

“Archie is the attention to detail coach that you will find him tinkering with the rowing machines in between programming and nutrition coaching. His compassion and breadth of knowledge has seen him help many clients obtain their goals and set them up for a fit for life programme that sees them continue to grow and progress on their fitness path.”

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification, Parma, Italy, December 2012
  • Attitude Nation Level 1 Olympic lifting trainer, Reading, UK, December 2013
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1, March 2016


  • Weight: 90kg
  • Age: 27
  • 2k row: 6:36
  • Clean+jerk: 122.5kg
  • Snatch: 95kg
  • Backsquat: 155kg
  • Max unbroken wall-balls (10kg): 75
  • Helen: 10:02

Email: [email protected]

Archie CunninghamArchie oozes enthusiasm and loves all things CrossFit. It was a natural marriage, as Archie had already been immersed in CrossFit-style workouts before discovering the sport in 2011.

A desire and knack for coaching pushed him to where he is today, though it all started at the University of Exeter, where, while furthering his fascination for surfing by being close to Britain’s coastline, he graduated with a degree in Renewable Energy even though he knew that his intention one day was to open his own strength and conditioning fitness facility.

At uni Archie coached the women’s and men’s rowing squads and was a decent rower himself. At 6ft 5in, his long arms and legs were put to effective use.

He discovered that by applying his drive and enthusiasm – as well as annoying attention to detail – he could often quite quickly transform someone’s technique and athletic capacity. Coaching is something he did inherently.

His focus is on movement efficacy and virtuosity rather than raw effort. His priority is mechanics and consistency over intensity. Proper form is everything to him, especially as he has experienced injury.

Archie’s first CrossFit workout was Fight Gone Bad and it left him sore for four days, but certainly not discouraged. CrossFit has been at the heart of his training ever since (he qualified as a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer in December 2012 at Reebok CrossFit Parma, Italy).

Archie’s own athletic prowess was in rugby (same school as Jonny Wilkinson), where he played as a lock and at school and club level, and Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of karate. He went from practising martial arts in school and later kung fu, to competing in the world Tang Soo Do championships in Rotterdam as a heavyweight.

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