If you miss training, do you really know what happens?

We all get lazy. It’s our brain, that is built to conserve energy. Nowadays, we do not have a lifestyle that supports the level of activity the human body needs to stay healthy. Our hormones and sense well being is directly effected by our levels of physical activity.

We are born to move. 

It’s not surprise that I hear a lot of excuses about getting into the gym. Here are a few:

“I have a wife, two small kids, and a business to run, how could I possibly find the time to train?”
“I am too old to train”
“I am too tired to train”
“I am just too busy, I’ve got so much going on at the moment, but will get back on when I’ve got time”
“I have a bad back”
“I am sore”

Let me tell you something. You will never have enough time to train. Your life will simply not let you, because you have chores, washing, work, kids to ferry to and from school, and more work to do, friends to see, dinners to arrange, and outings to organise. Often these are little poorly thought out beliefs that somehow put physical health at the bottom of the list our priorities. Often above being social, and work are placed above taking care of our bodies. Do you really think that your work will offer greater rewards than being in good health? Do you think that the extra 10% of time putting into your work in the evenings is going to pay off the 20-30% reduction in overall health that eventually you’ll experience when its too late. Do you think your kids will appreciate having to look after you in old age because you haven’t looked after yourself?

You have to MAKE time for health.

Often we feel we can get away with it. Which you can, for a short period of time, but beyond 3-4 weeks of no regular physical activity, your body will begin to detrain itself, and all the benefit your hard work begins to become undone.

I’ll wager that some of the best times of your life, that you remember are the times when you were in the best physical condition of your life, because you felt good, you looked good, and were confident in yourself. Maybe this was a long time ago. Maybe it wasn’t so long ago.

The truth is, no one can do it for you.

I also want you to think about the the impact that not training has on others. What do you suppose you are like to work with, or to live with, what kind of a parent are you like? Are you tired and maybe slightly irritable? Or are you feeling overweight and lack confidence in your own skin?

The point is that by avoiding properly looking after your health, by not eating well, by not sleeping right, by not working out, those actions or lack thereof will be having an impact, and most likely a negative one on those around you, especially those closest to you.

Sometimes people see training as a selfish act. Sometimes I feel that too. Just think about what you’re like when you’re feeling fit, and healthy. What does that look like, and what does it look like when you’re perpetually unwell, achy, stiff and tired? Do you suppose you treat people differently? I know I do.

Like it or not, physical activity, and training are a necessary part of life, if you want to reach your full potential. The consequence of neglecting your health now, will be a miserable life later on, when basic daily activity becomes impossible. This might not happen immediately, but it will be without a doubt an insidious gradual decline towards less and less tasks and activities that you will be able to do. The more adventurous and athletic ones go first such as skiing, running, jumping. Then simple fun activities like riding a bike, or playing football in the garden. The next step is more basic ones begin to either become difficult or not at all possible, such as climbing a flight of stairs, or get up off the ground when you’ve fallen over, because your balance isn’t what it is used to be. This might sound harsh, but this is the truth. If you don’t do something about it now, it will catch up with you later.

If you’d prefer to suffer in the last 10 years of your life, due to poor health, lack of mobility, unable to play with your grandchildren, or unable to do much of what you enjoyed, then look very closely at the habits you have today, and ask yourself whether they are taking you towards an excellent last 10 years of your life, or are they taking you towards one of reliance, tiredness, and or being unable to do basic daily task unassisted like get up of the toilet, or bend down to pick something up of the floor. That is the reality, because there are thousands of people right now who failed to look after their health that are facing the direct consequences of their actions right now. Are you wanting that same fate, or are you ready to make a better decision and do something about it?

Remember working out is not ‘work’. We are preparing ourselves for life and fulfilling what our bodies were designed to do. If you want to truly be yourself, make health a priority, and step into the gym 2-3 times per week, eat right, and stop making excuses. If that doesn’t seem possible to you, ask for help. Either from friends, family members, or professionals. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you do something to better your health, because that will improve the quality of life, for not only you, but also those around you.

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