How Archie’s Gymnasium Will Take Care of YOU


The fitness industry is a mess. There are at least two major problems.


Anyone can call himself a personal trainer or a coach and can start working with clientswhether he took a weekend course, whether he did a four-year academic degree and learned all about the human body but received little to no practical coaching tools, or whether he did a two-year apprenticeship program with academic, practical and business training.


Most personal trainers/coaches/fitness trainers etc cant make a decent living in the fitness industry, so they stick around for one to three years in their early 20s, and then leave the industry to pursue a career elsewhere (or they leave to open their own gym, and in an incredibly saturated market, they find themselves working 60-80 hours a week, arent able to go on a vacation for three years, and still barely get by financially).

This leads to a constant revolving door of coaches, which ultimately hurts the client, because just as the client starts to connect and develop a relationship with his/her personal trainer, the trainer leaves the industry. The clients starts all over with another coach, and the cycle continues indefinitely.

Our mission at Archie’s Gymnasium is to offer a better service than this: Our mission is to create knowledge, professional full-time coaches who want to make a career out of helping people gain and maintain fitness for life.

How are we doing this?

  1. Professionally-trained coaches

Were part of a worldwide network of gyms called the MadLab Group. From the client standpoint, this is relevant to you because it means our coaches have beenor are in the process of becomingprofessionally trained through MadLabs professional coach diploma program (PCDP).

The PCDP is a two to three-year coaching program, where coaches receive academic, practical, personal development and business training, ultimately ensuring they are some of the most qualified experts in the fitness industry.

  1. Coach for life

Our concept of a coach for lifeis in place to combat the current revolving door of coaches working in the fitness industry today. Our vision is to provide our coaches with the opportunity to become full-time career coaches who are able to make a professional wage (as opposed to part-time temporary coaches like 90% of personal trainers are today).

For you the client, this means you will have a coach to manage your health and wellness for years to comethe same way you probably have the same family doctor, dentist, and accountant your entire adult life.

Sheldon Suen, a 42-years-old who trains at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, explained how having a coach in his corner has helped him: I went through four coaches in two years (before coming to MadLab School of Fitness). Because trainers kept quitting. One trainer would just get to know me, and then he would leave and I would lose my routine. It was just a constant cycle. And it wasnt working for me. I was looking for someonea coachwho could help me, and who was focused on the health side, as opposed to the competition side.

Pam Headley of TracFit in San Jose has had a similar experience: It doesnt make sense to do it any other way. If we have a coach monitoring our fitness, then we wont need a doctor as much. Im not the same person I was 20 years ago. My needs change as I age, so why would I want to navigate that on my own? I wish more people would recognize the importance of having longterm fitness goals, and a coach to help them get there, she said. Its your body. youre going to have it your whole life, so why would you not try to take care of it? And why would you try to do it on your own?

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