Existing CrossFitters, Weightlifters and Gymnasts

So you’ve done CrossFit before, and you know the movements and have been training for a period of over three months in a CF, weightlifting or gymnastic training. Whatever level you might be at, here, everyone has to do the fitness assessment and the baseline test. This is really important because we want to get to know you, find out your goals, and see what we can do immediately to help you get closer to them.

We have high standards here at our gym, so expect to have your form looked at, and worked on. Movement quality is fundamental to getting the best results from CrossFit programming, so we place a high priority on excellent movement.

Once you’ve done the fitness assessment the coach will be able to assess how many personal training sessions you need. This might be 1 PT or this might be 10. Usually most Existing Crossfitters will need between 2 and 10 PTs. Most gyms do not do one on one assessments and fundamentals, which means there is often a lot of areas to work on initially, but that doesn’t always have to be the case, so it is very much down to your fitness level and quality of movement.

PT rates are competitive but Coach dependant. Please contact for more details: Archie Cunningham, Head Coach on 07721690150, Or put your details into the submit box and we’ll get right back to you.

Membership pricing can range from £100 a month to £480 a month depending on your needs.

Typical costs for 6 months upfront unlimited is £540 (£90 a month) or 12 months unlimited upfront for £1020 (£85 a month). These include a PT every three month.

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