Dan Maddox heads up our Boxing Club and he delivers his knowledge with humour and dedication.

Boxing/pad fighting is an amazing all body workout – and will increase your ability to protect yourself. This is not a martial arts class however, no one is going to hit you in the face! We use pads and bags- and a lot of sweat.

Learn how to throw a correct punch, kick, knee and elbow strike with maximum power/velocity and reducing risk of injury- jab, straight, hooks, uppercuts…

All levels of experience are welcome, and NO previous striking/fighting/martial arts experience is necessary.

£10 drop in.
4 weeks for £30.

We suggest you buy your own MMA gloves as they are what we call an ‘intimate’ item – not for sharing! We do have spares though if you want to try it out. Just let us know

Friday at 5.30pm every week.