Barbell Club 9am Saturdays.

Lydia has completed her Level 1 teaching Olympic Weightlifting with British Weightlifting and is about to do her 2nd level. She’s also been trained and had seminars with top UK lifters.

You will soon learn that Lydia is the strong woman of the gym and has aspirations to do it competitively, so guys and girls, don’t be disheartened – she’s been picking up those weights a long time.

Lydia is Archie’s wife and General Manager of Archie so general manager of the gym and makes sure the boss is on top form to give you all the workouts and attention you need!

Lydia takes Barbell Club every Saturday at 9am, so if you want to pursue virtuosity in the Olympic Lifts, go and pick up extra tips and work on your main squats to improve your strength in these sessions.

Members only.