Dave our newest Coach

What is Dave all about??

Why Crossfit?

I was hooked on CrossFit in summer of 2014 after watching a guy called Rich Froning (you may know him)… dominate the CrossFit games I just came across on Facebook of all places!

Your motivation as a Crossfit Coach?

My motivation is the satisfaction I get when I see a client achieve what they didn’t think was possible, the challenge… Being fit is being healthy and that is what we all want to sustain for as long as we can in this life.

Favourite Workout to teach? 

Linda is fun to teach with all the barbells!

Favourite Crossfit Workout?

Hardest + favourite CrossFit workout would have to be Murph due to its hero status and gruelling endurance factor.

Favourite Crossfit Move?

Favourite CrossFit exercise is either TTB or Power Clean.

Favourite CrossFitter?

Would be Josh Bridges… the king of Murph 🙌🏼

Favourite food? …. fajitas… chicken, veg, sauce.. wrap it up… Bosh! .. that or the Wife’s chicken and chorizo Risotto!


It was football playing from the age of 7 up until 25 for my home Towns wherever I was… more recently due to various factors and CrossFit being my new passion, I try to hit a golf ball around 18 holes in as least shots as I can :D.. am I competitive I hear you ask?… YES!

Embarrassing family thing?? My nickname is Roughy and I’m a huge Manchester United fan

Whose your Hero?

My hero/idol is Ryan Giggs 🙌🏼