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Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep: and how to improve it. Sleep, most of us do not get enough it. Having spoken to many people about their sleep patterns, often quite a decent number almost baulk at the idea of getting more sleep, or being able to get more sleep. The single matter of which comes up again and again […]

Why We Sleep and Why We Need It.

It is possible to extol the virtues of sleep. However, that would be too easy. What is difficult is to talk about the consequences of not. They range from pathology, and physical ailments, to psychological disorders. However the most poignant are the ones where the consequences are more instantaneous, and more damaging. If you are […]

Consistency wins

We’ve had some big wins recently. The most impressive has been so many of our members putting in the time, to eat properly, train hard, and enjoy the process. Like I say all the time, there is no magic bullet, or perfect program. What matters is that you show up consistently, move well, and give […]

Gary gets his muscle up

  Gary (@gazgreene ) broke his muscle up cherry today. He has worked at this for nearly 12 months. His goal was to get it by the end of the year. I’m so proud of him for working this hard at getting it. Well done mate, you definitely deserved this more than anyone (cough sorry […]


Limiting Holiday diet damage

Damage Control: how to keep that fat burning over Christmas. 1) Get a good breakfast with lots of protein in, and zero sugar. 2) Before the big meal, have some grapefruit juice. 3) Chop up a lemon and put it in the water during the meal. 4) Green Tea helps the food pass through your […]

Tom Graduates

@tomyelf graduated fundamentals tonight. What an effort! He then decided to do the class afterwards!! Being @njyelf ‘s other half it was a matter of time before he joined. It’s always good to have couples training together. It’s a shared experience of training and keeps both of you naturally motivated to keep going when it […]

Lara Graduates

Today, Lara Bicker graduated to class. She gave a top effort, and was extremely focused on keeping her reps steady, with good quality and gave it everything she had. Am really looking forward to her joining class next week! Well done Lara!